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#1 Top Shopify Stores Spy Tool

SellerCenter is the #1 Shopify store spy tool
designed to spy on top Shopify stores, Shopify competitors,
and best-selling products on Shopify. It can help you
reveal the marketing secrets behind those top Shopify stores

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How to Use SellerCenter to Spy on Top Shopify Stores?

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Tracking Shopify Competitors' Marketing Strategies

One effective way to reveal the business tactics of your competitors is to spy on their Facebook ads. And SellerCenter is a wonderful Shopify spy tool that allows you auto hunt winning Facebook ad campaigns that your Shopify competitors or other top Shopify stores placed. By spying on & learn from those proven winners, you can do better yours.

Competitors' Facebook Ads

Explore New Opportunities Through Top Shopify Charts

SellerCenter provides a collection of the top 300 Shopify stores worldwide as well as metrics analysis of each one, such as Alexa rank, country, created time and Facebook ads. These top Shopify stores are divided into three groups: top Shopify charts, top growing Stores, and new trending stores. They can also be ranked by Alexa rank and the increase in the number of Facebook ads (within one year). Get inspired by these top Shopify stores and make smarter decisions for your business.

Top Shopify Charts
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Discover New Trends & High Potential Products on Shopify

Do you know the reason why those popular Shopify stores keep on top? Products are the key. Users on SellerCenter are able to access the best-selling products of each Shopify store easier. By Spying on and analyzing the growth secrets of these top selling products on Shopify, and you might discover the market trends, seize the chance, find potential winning items, and lead the trends accordingly.

Seize Shopify Trends

Find Top Shopify Competitors in Niche Industry

On SellerCenter, you will have the ability to find the most popular Shopify stores and your competitors in a certain niche industry. Also, more info regarding each top Shopify store is available for every visitor, such as the number of products, categories, Alexa rank, country, and build date. Spying on the best Shopify stores, and find how they boost their Shopify revenue.

Niche Shopify Report
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300% More Sales on Shopify

eCommerce Stores Spy Tool - SellerCenter

Covering Shopify, AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, Lazada, and Shopee stores. Spy and analyze your competitors. Make smarter decisions for your eCommerce business.

Shopify Spy

Spying on top Shopify stores, Shopify competitors, and top-selling products on Shopify

Top Shopify Stores
AliExpress Spy

Get well understanding of AliExpress best sellers, top AliExpress vendors, boost dropshipping business

AliExpress Best Sellers
Amazon Spy

Dig into Amazon top sellers in a niche industry and keep ahead of your Amazon competitors

Amazon Top Sellers
Wish Spy

Find best Wish sellers, analyze and learn from proven Wish winners

Wish Best Sellers
Shopee Spy

Shopee spy software helps you find the best Shopee seller, and uncover their secrets behind the success

Best Shopee Sellers
Lazada Spy

Get to know the Lazada top sellers, and helps you find out why they keep on top

Lazada Top Sellers

Spying On Your Competitors' Ranking

in Shopify, AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, Shopee, and Lazada

√ All-in-one solution for 6 mainstream eCommerce platforms
√ More than 4,000,000 stores are being monitored in SellerCenter
√ Track top stores and get multiple analysis perspectives
√ Get top stores charts & follow new trends
√ Spy on competitors' Shopify stores and research their marketing strategy

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Data export function



All platforms supported
5,000 data available for display
Store Charts supported
Unlimited data export to CSV

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Get insight into best stores for Shopify & AliExpress & Amazon & Wish & Shopee & Lazada



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Wonderful Shopify spy tool, I love its FB ads tracking feature."

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It's definitely useful for ecommerce businessmen, I can track my Shopify and Amazon competitors and follow every change they make.

Hulk Mitchell
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SellerCenter is a professional spy tool for ecommerce stores, spy on top stores and tries to keep mine top