SellerRatings Vs SellerCenter, Which Is Right For Amazon Seller?

As Amazon sellers have heard a saying, seven points selection three points operation, today we will discuss an independent site selection method, through the independent site selection tool, from the site traffic, media feedback, evaluation and other multi-dimensional data presentation method, in a short period of time to find the right product. Here is a comparison of SellerCenter and SellerRatings to see which tool is more suitable for you.

What is SellerRatings?

SellerRatings, focusing on Amazon, which is dedicated to discover Amazon Marketplace Sellers. SellerRatings supports 8 country sites: USA、UK、Germany、France、Italy、Spain、Japan and India. The data is mainly 30 Day Reviews and Lifetime Reviews.

The Homepage of SellerRatings

What is SellerCenter?

SellerCenter, a free and powerful seller analysis tool, updated weekly with millions of seller data, focusing on Shopify, Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, Shopee and Lazada five major cross-border e-commerce platform seller multi-dimensional analysis, providing in-depth friend analysis for millions of cross-border e-commerce sellers.

The Homepage of SellerCenter

SellerRatings&SellerCenter Comparison

Features SellerRatings SellerCenter
Pricing Free Free
Platform Support Only Amazon Five major platforms
Number of searchable stores 2500 600,000+
Country Support 8 Countries 30+ Countries
Seller Search Only Seller‘s Name Keyword & URl
Multi-dimensional Sorting
View ProductNum
View Category
Support Ranking Changes
Ranking Trend Chart
Multi-Month Feedback
Creation Time
Facebook Campaign
Social Link

By comparison, we can find that SellerRatings only shows the review-related information of Amazon’s 8 national sites, while SellerCenter is for the 5 major e-commerce platforms corresponding to their respective data dimensions to reflect the popularity of the store, which can help e-commerce practitioners better perceive the market demand and provide a unique perspective on product selection, which is worth thinking about by observing the hot selling preferences of independent sites and returning to Amazon sales.

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