SellerCenter Vs Shopistores, Better Than Shopistores?

How to stand out from the fierce competition is the problem that every Shopify seller considers. The simplest way is to find a store similar to your location, learn from each other's strong points and carry out simulation operation. SellerCenter and Shopishores are two of them. SellerCenter is a multi-platform full store analysis software, which can help Shopify, Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, Lazada, and Shopee stores to find and analyze competing stores, while Shopistores focuses on the store analysis of some Shopify stores.

What is Shopistores (

Spy on Shopify competitors, best selling & trending & winning products, Shopify themes, apps, fastest-growing stores, newly released products, dropship, and more.

homepage of Shopistores - SellerCenter

What is SellerCenter (

homepage of SellerCenter - SellerCenter

SellerCenter provides a complete list of top Shopify stores as well as every metric such as best selling, Alexa rank, FB & INS followers, FB ads campaigns, and best-selling products, to spy on your Shopify competitors and make your decision smarter.

SellerCenter & Shopistores Comparison

Features SellerCenter Shopistores
Pricing Free $39.99/month
Number of Platforms 6 1
Number of Shopify Store 60w+ 5000
Number of Products
Best Selling
Product Info
APP Info
Facebook Campaigns
Other Platforms Support
Top 100 Shopify Stores
Top 100 Shopify Stores in US

The paid product Shopistores can let us see the information of some well-sold and newly launched products, the relevant information of the store, and the app used by the store. But the focus of SellerCenter is the store, which can mainly analyze the traffic and advertising of the store as well as the active dimension, and relevant screening can be used. For product information, there are corresponding information links, which directly teach you how to view. And the data volume of SellerCenter is larger, the platform is more, in general, SellerCenter is more suitable for everyone to use.

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