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Aliexpress is an online shopping platform established by Alibaba Group in 2010. Initially, it was mainly used for companies to find suppliers. With the development, Aliexpress is also an important niche finder platform for many independent stations and dropshipping. Aliexpress has many excellent sellers who can provide quality products and transportation services at low prices.

Now SellerCenter analyzes all store data on the Aliexpress platform and sorts them according to user feedback. Below is the Top Aliexpress Sellers & Stores list provided by SellerCenter as follows:

Top 20 Aliexpress Stores (Sort by 6 Mon Feedback):

Rank Store name link Product Category Description
1 KUGE Official Store Bluetooth headset KUGE Official Store has been in Aliexpress for 2 years,
and the user praise rate is as high as 98%. Its main
business is to sell various headsets, among which
Bluetooth headsets are the most popular among users.
KUGE Official Store’s earphones are cheap.
The average price of a pair of earphones is around US$10,
and free shipping is also available. Three advantages
of KUGE Official Store: Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide!
✓Limited Time Sale ✓Easy Return. 
2 Ugreen Official Store PD Fast Charge, USB Cables, Chargers  Ugreen Official Store opened a store in Aliexpress in 2010.
After years of operation, Ugreen Official Store has gained
1.59 million followers on Aliexpress, and the product praise
rate of Ugreen Official Store is as high as 98.9%,
which shows the high quality of products and services of
this store. .Ugreen Official Store sells a wide range of products,
including all kinds of mobile phone data cables, wireless
charging, mobile phone plugs, power banks, etc.
And shopping in this store will give a mobile phone holder. 
3 USLION Global Store Magnetic Cable, Ordinary Cables, Phon Magnetic Cable-Shop Cheap Magnetic Cable from China Magnetic
Cable Suppliers at USLION Global Store on Aliexpress.USLION
Global Store is a store that sells Magnetic Cable and Normal
Cables. Many of the products here are priced under $1,
and they are completely free of shipping.
4 BASEUS Official Store Charging Zone, Power Bank, Car Acces BASEUS Official Store has been in Aliexpress for 4 years
and has gained 1.86 million fans. The product categories
currently on sale in BASEUS Official Store are mobile phone
and computer peripheral products, which sell a wide
range of products and the product prices are very cost-effective.  
5 Rosalind Official Store New Arrivals, Brand Recommend, Po Rosalind Official Store has opened a store in Aliexpress for 3 years,
and its user praise rate is 95.8%, because the overall price of
nail polish in this store is low, most of the products are
less than $1, and the colors are beautiful and bright.
Its products have a high praise rate, but many people give
low scores in the evaluation of logistics, so if you are
willing to wait a while for low-priced products, it is worth it. 
6 Reera Jewellery Store Hair Accessories Set, Women Hair…, Girls Reera Jewellery Store has been in Aliexpress for 4 years,
and the positive rate is as high as 97.2%. The categories
of products sold in this shop are diverse, mainly for
female users, and the prices are very favorable.
For example, 100 hair accessories cost $0.01. 
7 Shop4611027 Store Belt, Sunglasses, Spectacle frame, Mask, Bl Shop4611027 Store is a vertical store, the main products
sold are sunglasses and belts. The store has gained
610,000 followers in the past two years.
The price of this shop is very optimized.
Almost all products are priced under $10,
and the products are stylish and beautiful.
8 Cabochon Store Diy Handmade Cabochon, Resin Cab Cabochon Store has opened a store in Aliexpress
for 7 years, and it has received 98.8% of the
positive feedback. The products it sells tend to
be more raw materials. The price of each raw
material is very favorable,
and you can buy multiple products for $0.01.
9 PZOZ Official Store PZOZ Official Store sells all mobile phone peripheral
products, including mobile phone cases and tempered films.
Mobile phone holder, data cable, etc.
PZOZ Official Store has been established in
Aliexpress for 7 years, and has gained the title of “Top Brand”. 
10 TOPK Official Store USB Cables, Power Bank, Music &am USThe founder of TOPK Official Store is from Guangdong,
China. This store has been established in
Aliexpress for 5 years and sells mobile phone accessories.
In 6 months, TOPK Official Store has received 117,001 5-star reviews.
11 Tracy Nail art Make Up Beauty NEW ARRIVAL, Nail Glitter, Nail Sticker & Tracy Nail art Make Up Beauty was established in
Aliexpress for 10 years. It mainly sells nail related
products. In 6 months, 110,641 and users gave
Tracy Nail art Makeup Beauty 5-star praise.
12 Party Decorative Favors Store Christmas, Party Supplies, Theme Party Party Decorative Favors Store is a shop selling
Christmas and various party holiday decorations.
In the three years since the store opened,
it has gained 190,000 fans,
and the praise rate is as high as 97.7%.
13 finetoo Official Store New Arrivals, Discount Area, Fast Shipping Finetoo Official Store is a women’s underwear shop.
It has gained 620,000 followers in the past two years
and has a high praise rate of 96.6%.
All products of Aliexpress are of high quality and low price,
and the price of the products is under US$5.
14 Elite Watch Accessories Trading Band for Apple Watch, Case for App Elite Watch Accessories TradingFor Apple Watch
peripheral products, 99,928 users have given a
five-star rating to Elite Watch Accessories Trading
in the past 6 months.  
15 St.kunkka Official Store Fashion Jewelry, Jewelry Findings, Fas The products sold by St.kunkka Official Store
are mainly jewellery design materials.
He has been established in Aliexpress for 2 years
and has a high praise rate of 98.5%.
In the past 6 months, 98,184 users
gave St.kunkka Official Store five-star praise.
16 All goods are freeshipping Store All goods are freeshipping Store has opened a store
in Aliexpress for 5 years, and the praise rate is as high as 98.5%.
In the past six months, 95,814 users gave the
product a 5-star rating.
All goods are freeshipping Store selling circuit-related tools,
and the price is less than $10. 
17 Fantasy Electronics CO., Ltd Electronic component, Integrated circ  The products sold by Fantasy Electronics CO.,
Ltd are electronic parts. The store has been established
in Aliexpress for more than 5 years.
In the past month, 92,876 users gave
Fantasy Electronics CO., Ltd a 5-star praise.
18 ZNP Official Store Tempered Glass, phone case, Full cove  ZNP Official Store is a store that sells mobile phone
peripheral products. The main product categories
include data cables, tempered film,
and mobile phone cases.
The success of ZNP Official Store in the
fierce market competition is mainly
due to its high-quality products and low prices.
The prices of the products in this store are below US$2.
19 Jiji Nail Art Products New Arrivals,Set & Kit,False Nails Jiji Nail Art Products has opened a store
on Aliexpress for 5 years,
selling nail art related tools,
and has gained 310,000 followers.
In the last 6 months, 83,048 users have given
Jiji Nail Art Products a five-star praise. 
20 EARU AUTO Metal Push Button…, Connector, Solid EARU AUTO provides various repair tools,
including Connector, Solid State Relay SSR, etc.
EARU AUTO has opened a store
on Aliexpress for five years and enjoys a certain reputation in the vertical field of tools.     

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