Xpareto Vs SellerCenter, Which One Is Popular?

This is an era where product is king. Whether you are selling on a third-party platform, or through an independent site selling good products is the basis for success, because users will always only pay for quality products. For Shopify selection we can understand the user’s preferences by comparing Xpareto and SellerCenter, follow the product trends and understand the user’s preferences to select some Niche products that are less competitive.

What is Xpareto?

The Xpareto website displays the top-ranked Shopify stores based on relevant keywords for searches. In addition to rankings, it also displays the store’s daily traffic, hot deals and Facebook ads. Use the Xpareto tool to find the top-ranking Shopify stores.

The Homepage of Xpareto

What is SellerCenter?

SellerCenter, a free and powerful seller analysis tool, updated weekly with millions of seller data, focusing on Shopify, Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, Shopee and Lazada five major cross-border e-commerce platform seller multi-dimensional analysis, providing in-depth friend analysis for millions of cross-border e-commerce sellers.

The Homepage of SellerCenter

Xpareto&SellerCenter Comparison

Features SellerRatings SellerCenter
Pricing Free Free
Platform Support Only Shopify Five major platforms
Number of searchable stores 28399 600,000+
Seller Search Only Keyword Keyword & URl
Multi-dimensional Sorting
View ProductNum
View Category
Facebook Campaigns
Best Selling
View Daily Traffic
View Alexa Rank
View Rating
Multi-Month Feedback
Creation Time

SellerCenter contains all the features and data dimensions of Xpareto, on top of which support more e-commerce platform search, more social platform related, in addition to traffic, Bestselling, there are specific product quantities, categories, and detailed reviews of different months, if you are a shopify seller, through SellerCenter to view competing stores, new product direction is a good choice.

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